unfurling (a scroll)                                                       

                                                                                          John R. Campbell



The essential relation between death and language flashes up before us, but                 still unthought.

                                                                                              --Heidegger (superscript mine)



sic                                intentionally preserving the error

kne                                never abandoning silence

ssa                                red silence searing my tongue

sli                                cunning like that--


ter                                the very earth,

ary                                its delicate atmospheres

dev                                as we devolve

ice                                pining for cold ages






me                                 and you

an                                 so antsy in

sa                                 your sapphire chair--


re                                 remember

en                                 ending

ds                                 that kiss?






acr                               acrid moon,

isp                               an inspiration.

del                               delicate


ive                               possessions,

ryy                               our questions.

ets                               each morsel,


ome                               each slat,

thi                               your thighs pressed

ngo                               against (o) my thighs,


fth                               we move ever forth

ees                               even as time remains

sen                               where it is


cei                               see, for this I

slo                               love you slowly. I

st                                resist never resist





                        ceaseless winds

            pour in from the sea





yo                                the reason for awe, or

ur                                ecstasy: existence

wo                                (and non-)itself, worthy

rt                                of everything: of rot,


hy                                of urban decay,

go                                of travelling viruses, &

al                                the encompassing smirk

ab                                of (abstract) death


ou                                out of molds (hollows,

tt                                and what they betray)

ob                                obsessive absence

es                                rises,


wa                                wailing

ll                                at penetrable walls.

ow                                allow for the dead:

ed                                (verb) the past--repast




ste                                steam rising,

mth                                methodically chaotic,

eti                                from food, or


deo                                a series of decorated

fal                                cakes: red (memorized)

lth                                oak leaf icing,


isu                                public & familiar,

gli                                gliding past the actual

nes                                past. image as attribute:


s                                  singularity wanes






                        offshore rocks

            are stroked by the sea





fet                               fetish, that colonial word:

chi                               enchantment, amulet,


sth                               luck of the seventh son.

edi                               edifice remains


sta                               as stable as it is,

nce                               nicely absorbing the other


ove                               suns, sheltering eggs,

rwh                               possessing the whole,


ich                               forming icons of chitin

win                               and gold. o, triumphant


dac                               silence. while flowers

ts(                               are teased by the wind,


aso                               associated with the wind

ver                               by overt (egg-laying) bugs.


wat                               fervent, the insects

er)                               are (convey) desire






                        the storm opens

            to turquoise




yo                                I like to sleep

ub                                in public,

et                                let my body


ra                                radiate

ye                                dreams. the

dm                                dim (ancient) scraps,


yt                                spurning reason,

ru                                rustle

st                                in the street





lis                                listless

ten                                (latent) tension

asm                                usually assumes


yap                                its speech:

pet                                petite nouns,

ite                                trite possessives,


sin                                forbidden verbs.

cre                                creeds emerge:

ase                                ascendance





                                    in which X is an unknown


number, counting time: the dancer accords her body

the power to alter narrative time, moving back &

forward within a circumscribed space (space


especially circumscribed, ritually circumscribed,

circumscribed by light, separate yet communal space,

in which to enact choreographed time. not ascendance:






and you,                       so I

so long                        crave

gone in                        to leave,

natural                        for woods                               

numbers,                       or peaks,                                 

heavy-                         for depths

lidded                         closed-off

eyes not                       to sight,

exactly                        precisely

opening,                       entering

pouting                        a melancholy

like they                      pleasure,

taught you,                    learning

skidding                       to careen.

in your                        my lovely

noir car                       mystery:

on wet                         the moist

city streets,                  understory,

hoping                         fecund

against                        with decay.

hope                           my desire:

to acquire                     to own

a circum-                      the whole,

scribed                        to write

place: you                     my location,

won't you                      to please

want too                       a yearning

much                           plenitude






                        dead gorse

              litters the dunes





olo                              olive-colored

veo                              veils


exq                              disquieting

uis                              vice


ite                              site of intersecting

thr                              throngs


ush                              ushering in

com                              some new composure


evi                              evicting specifics

sit                              of place


mei                              o metropolis

nmy                              possessed


sor                              by assorted

row                              tomorrows


her                              hear me not

  e                              swallow me





diamonds in the rough:       

                      I thought of jewels in unruly grass

               guess I was wrong





anar                 Impatient quivering spider,

chai                 see (with all those eyes)

cski                 how I praise the open sky?

ll: ho               Now I home in only

ldin                 on the ever-laden moment.

gfor                 I'll not glorify

thun                 the thunderous past,

tilt                 nor pry at a crooked future.

heho                 Funny how a mere suggestion,

usec                 a thirty second sketch,

omes                 becomes a meditative web

down                 spun of one's own hunger.







      makes arcs in the sand




            It's at this point

information becomes vague,

the banner on the street

of some dark small town: is it

______________ Days, is it

Canyon City, the borders dissolve,

no-knowledge is the core of it,

as Canyon Cities everywhere

rise in the mind

with their staggered silhouettes.




            I sing to the music

                        of this old guitar

            as the world goes bronze,


            colonized by green. Cities,

                        a thriving decay,

            glitter in the hills. Once


            every episode had me as its  

                         center. But then 

            my body succumbed. My


            illnesses won their domain.

                        I, no longer the

            core, have become instead


            an enclosure. I am a song:

                        no longer staid, I

            don't deter familiar death,


            don't charm or prolong

                        the moment. I can't

            enhance the past. Emptied,


            I can only carry

                         over sleek

            & random hills.





postscript to unfurling (a scroll)



living winter trees                                                       

willful silhouettes



            The fervent outpouring


            the time collapsed to


            carbon: that we may live,

                                    & transfer

            some of these energies


            down (generations, o ever-


            genesis). Should we need


            to resist, that a matrix is


            against the gloaming. Or,


            should it all collapse, our


            attenuate against a flash,         


            (o vision inscribed to no


            that we’ve had our moment


            of more than ash, 

                                    our festival

            of dust.