The Oregon Center for experimental landscapes and language innovation

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OCELLI presents new landscape art: Writing, Music, and Visuals

Version/Excursion 1: November, 2016. Our first edition includes featured poets, composers, & visual art. 

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Welcome to our center. We endeavor to explore several facets of landscape presentation, dynamics, aesthetics, and more. We're not limited to Oregon landscapes by any means, but we begin where we live. Nor do we necessarily favor treatments of "natural" environments over those that are humanly influenced.                                                                               

Photos this page: John R. Campbell

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OCELLI is an online gathering of contemporary landscape expression. We value experimentation as a means to a means. We crave innovation, not as progress, but because it animates the moment. Inside you'll find poems, essays, music, and visual art. We begin where we live. And we travel.