Against Dualism 4                                                                           John R. Campbell

Against Dualism 4                                                                           John R. Campbell



The Oregon Center for Experimental Landscapes and Language Innovation

Version/Excursion One. November, 2016


John R. Campbell


Featured Artist:

Avantika Bawa


Featured Composers:

Giulio Aldinucci

Nell Shaw Cohen


Featured Poets:

David Axelrod

Lauren Camp

Henry Hughes

Karen An-hwei Lee



About John R. campbell


John R. Campbell is a writer, musician, and artist with a focus on the American West. His poems and essays have appeared widely in literary journals such as Poetry, The Threepenny Review, North American Review, Georgia Review, The Seattle Review, Terrain, Northwest Review, and Poetry East. His book of environmental essays, Absence and Light: Meditations from the Klamath Marshes, is available from the University of Nevada Press. He has won awards from Poets and Writers, the Utah Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Fulbright Foundation. He was recently a fellow at the University of Lisbon, Portugal, where he taught a graduate seminar, Cultural Foundations in Nature, Environmentalism, and Ecology, as well as a course in visual culture, Imaging the American West.

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