Featured Artist: Avantika Bawa

Aqua Mapping (Annapolis), 2014                                 Digital print on paper. Unique print, 29.25”x20.5”


Avantika Bawa is an artist, curator and educator based in Portland, OR, and often residences in her hometown, New Delhi, India. Bawa has an MFA in Painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BFA in the same from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India. She has participated in the Skowhegan, MacDowell Colony, Kochi Biennial Foundation and Djerassi residencies among others. Noteworthy solo exhibits include shows at Schneider Museum, Ashland, OR; Suyama Space, Seattle, WA; The Columbus Museum, GA; Saltworks Gallery and the Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center, Atlanta, GA; Nature Morte and Gallery Maskara in India; Tilt Gallery & Project Space and Disjecta, Portland, OR. In April 2004 she was part of a team that launched Drain - Journal for Contemporary Art and Culture. www.drainmag.com. In 2014 Avantika was appointed to the board of the Oregon Arts Commission. She is currently Associate Professor of Fine Arts at Washington State University, Vancouver, WA.  www.avantikabawa.net


Aqua Mapping (Kochi), 2014                      Silkscreen and digital print on paper. Unique print, 29.25”x20.5”


Aqua Mapping is a series of three interventions that respond to a site's coastal history, topography and climate. Part one, Aqua Mapping (Kochi) engages with the routes of maritime trade in southern India, as well the routes of the local fishing vessels and passenger ferries. Part two, Aqua Mapping (Baltimore and Annapolis) explores commercial and military routes in the waters of the Inner Harbor and Chesapeake Bay. Part three, Aqua Mapping (Astoria) highlights the rugged coastline of this historic port city and "Graveyard of the Pacific." In each version, a large, inflated, orange blimp (alluding to floating buoys) was towed or carried on a passenger ferry, Vallam (indigenous wooden boat), sail or motorboat. The route that each of these boats took was closely informed by their normal paths, and journeys of historic and current, commercial and military significance. These documented journeys, presented through a combination of still photos and a time-lapse video projection, attempt to actualize the dotted lines that serve as signifiers for these routes on maps.

Aqua Mapping, 2013-15  Original ball                        Aqua Mapping, 2015   Digital video of Kochi,
used in the journeys. Vinyl. 10’x 8’                        Annapolis, Baltimore and Astoria. TRT- 2:007


In Mineral Spirits, the decayed and darkened lobby of the Astor Hotel (Astoria, OR) is the location of an assemblage of nonfunctional scaffolds and recorded sounds. The scaffolds, painted in a soft metallic gold, hint at the hotel’s glorious past. Stage lighting and residual natural sunlight interact to produce subtly changing shadows of the scaffold on the floor and the ceiling. Stretches of silence are interrupted with modified field recordings of the construction of the scaffold, invoking the spirits of guests past and present.

Mineral Spirits, 2016  Paint, scaffolding, looped audio, 68'x43'x23'

MacDowell Intervention, 2013

Drawings abstracted from the blue prints of what was soon to be reconstructed Savidage Library at The MacDowell Colony, NH. These drawings on Tyvek, placed on a work-horse and wood, or placed on a found support, take on the role of a "faux architect" when placed at the site where the library was eventually built.

MacDowell Intervention, 2013                     MacDowell Intervention, 2013
Tyvek, wood, graphite and paint, 5’x6’x9’        Tyvek, wood, graphite and paint, 3’x4’x12’

Another Documentation, 2012

Through the choice and placement of works, Another Documentation presents the gallery (Gallery Maskara, Mumbai, India) as a "construction site" where notions of the everyday that may otherwise go unnoticed are put into creative order. The resultant assemblage simultaneously addresses and challenge conventions of art making, display, and documentation. Components of Another Documentation include altered functional objects, photographs, and drawings. An enormous scaffold, painted a cautionary orange, occupies a central part of this assemblage. Its futile yet commanding presence mirrors the ambitions of Mumbai’s vertically growing landscape, much like a modern-day Tower of Babel. Photographs of architectural drawings, placed on modified workhorses at various construction sites, are presented as a series of sequenced images.

Another Documentation, 2012                                  Another Documentation, 2012           Scaffolding, wood, metal, concrete, 45’x60’x30’   Metal, wood, tape, concrete and digital prints (detail)          
Another Documentation, 2012
Site-specific drawing interventions, Digital Prints, 21”x15” each

[..#..#...], 2012

In this work, the ethereal space between the altar and the church organ of St. Brigid's, (Ottawa, Canada) is called to attention, through a series of sculptural and acoustical punctuations. By the altar sits a ramp, constructed specifically in response to, and for, the site. From the balcony of the church, by the organ, emanates a sound projection - a looped composition made with variations of the E key. By using new technology, it emulates the function of the organ that is currently nonfunctional. In between these opposite ends is an interspersion of trapezoidal shapes that hang from the pews. If made physical, the vanishing point of these shapes and the ramp would fall on the altar, thus drawing attention to it. Yellow, the dominant color in [..#..#...], is psychologically connected to growth and life and is a direct response to St. Brigid, the patron saint for creativity.

[..#..#...], 2012                                             [..#..#...], 2012
Acrylic, latex and wood, 60’x120’x40’                         Acrylic, latex and wood, 16’x12’x8’ (detail)

Artist Statement

My practice emphasizes the intersections where drawing and sculpture, stasis and motion, and the functional and nonfunctional intermingle. Geographic and architectural differences in landscape strongly inform my work. I explore the diversity of topographies, the presence or absence of color in local environments, and the range of visual and tactile qualities of locally sourced and fabricated materials.

Bearing in mind a location’s prior use, I create wall drawings and/or paintings, and repurpose and rearrange functional objects to create temporary installations on-site. My approach is influenced by Minimalism and its emphasis on reductive form, modularity, and experimentation with scale. I gather and compose industrial products like brick, plywood, and concrete, simulating common gestures, such as sitting, leaning, pulling, and stacking. These installations invite the viewer to experience the crossroads between the utilitarian, historical, and aesthetic qualities of each space. 

In addition to site-based works, I have a sustained drawing practice. Often these are preliminary studies, or a response to my installations, while the majority are stand-alone pieces. These drawings are deliberative yet whimsical, as I work with the pure physicality of line, shape, and color.


Avantika Bawa

avantikabawa@gmail.com 912-484-5838 2036 SE Morrison St, Porltand, OR, 97214
2008 Skowhegan School for Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, ME
1996–98 Masters of Fine Arts - School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
1991–95 Bachelor of Fine Arts - The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Baroda, India

2010– Washington State University Vancouver - Associate Professor of Fine Arts, Vancouver, WA
2014– Paci c Northwest College of Art, MFA Low Residency Program - Mentor and Visiting Critic, Portland, OR

2015 Aqua Mapping - White Box of the University of Oregon, Portland Campus, Portland, OR Measuring Blue - Paci c Sky Exhibitions, Eugene, OR
2014 Flood. Control - Schneider Museum of Art, Ashland, OR (catalog forthcoming) Aqua Mapping - SALTWORKS Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2013 Mapping (Kochi) - Pepper House, Kochi, India
2012 At Owners Risk - Suyama Space, Seattle, WA (catalog available)
Another Documentation - Gallery Maskara, Mumbai, India (catalog available) About Framing - Half Dozen Gallery, Portland, OR (catalog available)
2011 Score - Disjecta, Portland, OR (catalog available)
2010 Re:Re:Re - Columbus Museum, Columbus, GA (catalog available) Yesterday. yellow - Mile Post 5, Portland, OR
HAlf - Doppler Gallery, Portland, OR
2009 Mathesis: dub,dub,dub - Gallery Maskara, Mumbai, India (catalog available) Aspartame - Carlos Gallery, University of the South, Sewanee, TN
2008 Perfect Distortions - SALTWORKS Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2007 Denied Readymades (spaces, gaps and stacks) - Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, India
2007 Sit, Stack - Autzen Gallery, Portland State University, Portland, OR
Straight Curves - The Fine and Performing Art Center, Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC
2006 (Raw) Space - The Philip M. Meyers, Jr. Memorial Gallery, Cincinnati, OH Summer Solo’s - Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, GA
Cut Corners - Gallery Tilt Gallery and Project space, Portland, OR
2005 Tilt - Saltworks Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2004 Navigating Space/s - Gallery Nature Morte, New Delhi, India Untitled Corners - SALTWORKS Gallery, Atlanta, GA Unaltered - aquaspace, Savannah, GA
1999 Another Installation - ARC Raw Space, Chicago, IL
1996 The City and Popular Culture - India International Center, New Delhi, India

SOLO PROJECTS (Commisions and Installations - outdoors and alternative spaces)
2016 Mineral Spirits - Site-speci c installation for Portland2016, A Biennial of Contemporary Art. Presented by Disjecta. Astor Hotel, Astoria, OR. Curator Michelle Grabner (catalog forthcoming)
2015 Aqua Mapping - Outdoor screening, Prabhat. Curated by Gallery Maskara, Mumbai, India. Neon Laundry - Site-speci c installation. Curated by ALL RISE, City of Seattle, WA
2013 Cocktail #ff0080 - Installation for ‘Art in Rural Storefronts Project’, Philomath, OR (Juried)
2012 Preternatural - St Brigid’s Centre for the Arts, Ottawa, Canada. Curator Celina Jeffery (catalog available)
2008 A (new) Genre Landscape - Of ce of Cultural Affairs, Atlanta, GA. Curator S. Keeler (catalog available)
2007 Big Stories, Little India - A series of installations curated by the South Asian Visual Arts Collective (SAVAC) and [murmur], Toronto, Canada

2017 Vox/Center Exchange - Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA and Center for Contemporary Art & Culture at PNCA, Portland, OR (Invited, forthcoming)
2016 Portland2016 - A Biennial of Contemporary Art, across Oregon, presented by Disjecta.
Arts East, La Grande and Disjecta, Portland, OR. Curator Michelle Grabner (catalog forthcoming)
2015 Whorled Explorations, Kochi Biennial - Collateral event,Pepper House Residency, Kochi, India (Invited) 2014 Ruptures in Arrival: Art in the Wake of the Komagata Maru - Surrey Art Gallery, Vancouver BC,
Canada. Curator Jordan Storm (catalog available)
2013 Diver-Cities - Latitude 28, New Delhi, India. Curator Bhavna Kakar.
011+91/ 011+92 - Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga, Canada. Curator S.Keeler (catalog available) Making A Mark: Drawing in Oregon - Arts Center of Corvallis, Corvallis, OR (Invited)
Drawers Drawing - Julius Caesar and Peregrine Program, Curators Eric Lebobsky
and Carrie Gundesdorf, Chicago, IL
2012 VIP Art Fair - Representation with Gallery Maskara, Online (Juried) Disjecta 6th Annual Art Auction - Disjecta, Portland, OR (Invited)
2011 Art Papers Invitational - Mason Murer Gallery, Atlanta, GA (Invited)
Art Pods - Space 4Art, Solo Installation (In conjunction with San Diego Art Fair), San Diego, CA (Juried) Pulp - Paci c Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR. Curator Jodie Cavalier
2010 Vantage - Archer Gallery, Clark College,Vancouver, WA. Curator Blake Shell
Place - Pioneer Place Mall, Portland, OR. Curators Gabe Flores and Garry Wiseman From, Johnson - Northern, Olympia, WA. Curator Judith Bauman
2009 Movers and Shakers - Museum of Contemporary Art, Atlanta, GA (Invited) Play - Spruill Center, Dunwoody, GA. Curator Hope Cohn
2008 Adventure in Mysticisms - Athens Institute of Contemporary Art, Athens, GA. Curator, Mike Calway Fagen SouthxEast Biennial - Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL. Curator Rod Fauds (catalog available) Reorder - Marietta College Gallery, Marietta, OH. Curator Fred Jesser
Comfort/Burn - Artspace & Big Orbit Gallery, Buffalo, NY. Curator Alex Young
2007 Blank - Exploring Nothing - Tilt Gallery and Project Space, Portland, OR (Artist/curator)
The Velocity of Gesture, or How to Build an Empire - Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA (Invited) “protecting atsurfacesfrom” - Gallery 1600, Atlanta, GA. Curator Craig Drennen
2006 I Can’t Quite Place It - Smack Mellon, Brooklyn, NY. Curator Elizabeth Grady
2005 Wall to Wall - The Drawing Center, NY, NY. Curator Luis Camnitzer (catalog available) Semiconductors - Pharmaka Gallery, Los Angels, CA. Curator Craig Drennen
Reorder - The Savannah Gallery, Atlanta, GA and Gallery Red, Savannah, GA. Curator Sarah Walko
2004 Singular Identities - Habitat Center, New Delhi, India. Curator Dr. Alka Pande Dis_solve - aquaspace, Savannah, GA (Artist/curator)
Motion Stills - Gallery Red, Savannah, GA Curator Matthew Mascotte
2004 Erasing Borders - The Gallery, NY, NY Curators Sundaram Tagore and Aaron Shivdasani Quiet - aquaspace, Savannah, GA (Artist/curator)
2003 Momenta Arts - Group show at White Columns and Momenta Arts, Brooklyn, NY(Invited)
2002 Current Circuits - Espace Lhomond, Paris, France (Invited)
Borderless Terrain - The Habitat Center, New Deli, India. Curator Dr. Alka Pande (catalog available) Vapour - aquaspace, Savannah, GA (Artist/curator)
Rebirth of Space - 64 Steps Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada. Curator Rashmi Varma
(catalog available)
2001 Draw’l Bridge - aquaspace, Savannah, GA (Artist/curator) Faculty Show - Hamilton Hall, Savannah, GA (Invited)
2000 Liberal Propaganda - Starland Galleries, Savannah, GA. Curator, Marcus Kenney. Aqua 2000’ - aquaspace, Savannah, GA (Artist/curator)
Flower - 121 Jones, Savannah, GA Curator, Craig Drennen
1999 This is Only a Test - Broughton Street Storefront, Savannah, GA (Curated)
Room Service, Inn of Chicago - A Hotel Room group show, Chicago, IL (Artist/curator) “Du jour” - The Butcher Shop, Chicago, IL (Invited)
Abstract Schematic - Nature Morte, New Delhi, India. Curator Peter Nagy
1998 New Artists in Chicago - Terra Museum of American Art, Juried Group show, Chicago, IL (Juried) MFA Thesis Show - Gallery 2, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL (Juried)
1996 Nippon Steel USA - Juried Exhibition, Chicago, IL (Juried)
1995 BFA Exhibition - Fine Arts Gallery, Baroda, India (Juried)
1994 Three - Shrishti Art Gallery, Baroda, India (Invited)
Artist Critic Nexus - Fine Arts Gallery, Baroda, India. Curator Chaitanya Sambrani.

2014 Djerassi Resident Artist Program - Woodside, CA
2013 Kochi-Muziris Biennial Foundation and Pepper House Residency - Kochi, India 2013 Coast Time - Lincoln City, OR
2012 MacDowell Colony - Peterborough, NH
2012 The Suyama Space Residency - Seattle, WA
2010 Jentel Artist Residency - Banner, WY
2010 Mile Post 5 - Portland, OR
2009 Vermont Studio Center - Johnson, VT
2008 Skowhegan School for Painting and Sculpture - Skowhegan, ME

2014 Small Pleasures - A Temporary, Site-Specific Public Installation, Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita, KS 2013 Black Manifold - Co-curated with Greg Minissale, Disjecta, Portland, OR and Schneider Museum of Art,
Ashland, OR
2011 Hold On - Co-curated with Dr. Celina Jeffery, Gallery Maskara, Mumbai, India
Movers and Shakers - Curatorial collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Atlanta, GA
2010 Rewind - In celebration of Issue #14 of Drain, Tempelton Building of Disjecta, Portland, OR
2009 The Thing - Colour Bar, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT
A Very Loud Silence - A  lm series organized for Le Flash Atlanta, Castelberry Hill, Atlanta, GA
2007 Blank - Exploring Nothing, Tilt Gallery and Project Space, Portland, OR
2006 Sisyphean Desires, Systems and Devices - SALTWORKS Gallery, Atlanta, GA and Sari Media lab, Delhi, India
60 Seconds of Play - Experimental time based work, SALTWORKS Gallery, Project room, Atlanta, GA
2005 T (here) - A  lm series organized for the Singular Identities, India Habitat Center, New Delhi, India
2004 Dissolve - A show across three territories, aquaspace, Savannah, GA
2003 Quiet - Exploring Subtlety Now, aquaspace, Savannah, GA Flow - The Collaborators, Aquaspace, Savannah, GA
2002 Vapour - A show of experimental time based media, aquaspace, Savannah, GA, 2001-5 Carry On Drawing - A growing exhibit of marks by international artist, traveling globally
2001 Flood - The Excessive, aquaspace, Savannah, GA
Draw’l Bridge - Drawing based group show, aquaspace, Savannah, GA
2000 Aqua 2000 - Multi media juried group show, Savannah, aquaspace, GA 1999 Room Service - Inn of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Drain - Journal of Contemporary Art and Culture. www.drainmag.com (peer reviewed, online journal)
Lead (or co) editor for the Issues # 6, 12, 14, 16 and 18 on Play, 2006 , Cold, 2009 (co-edited with Stuart Keeler), Power, 2011 (co-edited with Owen Mundy), Black, 2012 (co-edited with Greg Minissale) and Athleticism, 2015
2016 Artist Talk - Portland Art Museum,Portland, OR
2015 Artist Talk - White Box of the University of Oregon, Portland Campus, Portland, OR
2014 Artist Lecture - Schneider Museum of Art, Ashland, OR
Artist Lecture and Visiting Critic - Museum of Contemporary Craft in collaboration with the Paci c Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR
Artist Lecture - SALTWORKS Gallery, Atlanta, GA
Visiting Critic - Applied Craft and Design Program, Oregon College of Arts and Craft, Portland, OR Visiting Critic - Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
2013 Artist Lecture - Kochi-Muziris Biennal Foundation, Kochi, India
Visiting Artist - Anderson Ranch, Snowmass Village, CO
Artist Lecture - Benton County Historic Museum and Society, Philomath, OR Visiting Artist Lecture - Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR
2012 Art & Architecture in Mumbai - Conversation with architect Rooshad Shroff, Gallery Maskara, Mumbai, India
Artist Talk - Suyama Space, Seattle, WA
2011 Visiting Artist Lecture - Lin eld College, McMinnville, OR
2011 Visiting Artist, Connect Series - Religare Arts, New Delhi, India Clark Talks - Artist Talk, Clark College, Vancouver, WA
Q&A with Lisa Radon - Disjecta, Portland, OR
Artist Talk for the Art History Club - University of Ottawa, Canada
2010 Artist Lecture - Columbus Museum, Columbus, GA
Site Determined/ Site Speci c Art - University of Oregon, Portland campus, OR
2009 Visiting Artist Lecture - Sewanee, University of the South, Sewanee, TN Artist Talk - Gallery Maskara, Mumbai, India
2008 Visiting Artist Lecture - Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL
2007 Pecha Kucha - An interdisciplinary forum and exchange, Octane, Atlanta, GA Artist Lecture - Auzten Gallery, Portland State University, Portland, OR
The Artist as Curator - Tilt Gallery and Project Space, Portland, OR
Visiting Artist - Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC
2006 Artist Lecture - The Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center, Atlanta, GA Visiting Artist - Triangle Studios, D.U.M.B.O, Brooklyn, NY
2005 Artist Talk - The Drawing Center, New York, NY
2003 Artist Talk - About Drawing - Clubs Project, Inc, Melbourne, and Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Australia
2002 Artist Talk - Drawing, a Study - University of California, San Diego, CA and Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis, MN
Artist Talk - About Carry On Drawing - Washington State University, Pullman, Pullman, WA and University of Wisconsin, Madison, Madison, WI
2001 Artist Talk - About Carry On Drawing - Royal College of Art, Chelsea College of Art, and Goldsmiths College of Art, London, UK
Artist Talk - Platform Space, Prithvi Theater, Mumbai, India
1998 Visiting Artist Lecture - Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Baroda, India
1999 Artist Talk - New Artists in Chicago - Terra Museum of American Art, Chicago, IL
1997 Contemporary Indian Art - School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

2014 Dis guring Identity: Art, Migration and Exile - Panelist. Moderated by Jordan Strom and Naveen Girn, Surrey Art Gallery, Vancouver BC, Canada
2011 Artist as Curator - Session Chair (with Celina Jeffery). College Arts Association, New York, NY
2009 Art Criticism, Art History, and Art Magazines - Panelist (with Drain Managerial Board). Moderated by
Sylvie Fortin and Jennie Klein, College Arts Association, Los Angeles, CA
Thaw. The Melt down - Moderator (with Stuart Keeler). Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center, Atlanta, GA 2008 Architecture in Foundation Studies - Panelist. Moderated by Sabir Khan, Georgia Institute of Technology,
Atlanta, GA
2007 Artists Survival Skills - Panelist. Moderated Stuart Horodner. Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, GA
Public Art in Atlanta - Moderator (with Stuart Keeler), Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta, GA 2004 Word and Work - Panelist. Moderated by Dr David Jefferys, SECAC Conference, Jacksonville, FL
Shopping it Around - Panelist. Moderated by Reni Gower, College Arts Association Seattle, WA 2003 Doodle and Disegno - Panelist. Moderated by Dr Carlton Hughes, SECAC Conference, Raleigh, NC

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2016 Washington State University Vancouver - Research Mini Grant, Vancouver, WA
2014 College of Arts and Science Faculty Research Award - Washington State University, Vancouver, WA 2013 Oregon Arts Commission - Joan Shipley Award, Salem, OR
Washington State University - Junior Faculty Seed Grant , WA
Oregon Arts Commission - Individual Artist Grant. Salem, OR
Washington State University - Early Achievement in Scholarship/Research, University wide, WA Regional Arts and Culture Council - Professional Development Award, Portland, OR
2012 Oregon Arts Commission - Career Opportunity Grant, Salem, OR
Special Projects Award - Washington State University Vancouver, Vancouver, WA
2011 Washington State University, Vancouver - Research Mini Grant, Vancouver, WA Regional Arts and Culture Council - Project Grant, Portland, OR
2010 Jentel Artist Residency Grant - Banner, WY
2009 VSC Fellowship supported by the Joan Mitchell Foundation - Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT 2008 Lila Wallace Readers Digest Award - Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, ME 2003 The Presidential Fellowship - Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA

2016 Oregon Arts Commission - Music Operating Support Grants, (State wide), OR
2014–15 Oregon Arts Commission - Career Opportunity Grants, (State wide), OR
2013 Art Student Annual - Clark College - Art Student Annual, Vancouver, WA
Art in Rural Storefronts Selection Committee - Art Center Corvallis, Philomath, OR
2012 BFA Reviews - University of Oregon, Portland campus, Digital Arts program. Portland, OR
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2009– Studio Award - Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center, Atlanta, GA
2014– Oregon Arts Commission - Board of Commissioners, OR
2013–16 Know Your City - Programming Committee, Portland, OR
2007–15 Atlanta Contemporary Art Center - Member, Board of Directors, Atlanta, GA
2000– aquaspace - An in ux laboratory for experimental & new media art - Director & Founder 1998–99 Winsor and Newton - Educational Advisor, Midwest Region

Saltworks Gallery, Atlanta, GA, USA Gallery Maskara, Mumbai, India

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The Columbus Museum - Columbus, GA
White Columns - Curated Slide registry, New York, NY
Nature Morte - New Delhi, India
Maharaja Fatehsingh Museum of Vadodra - Baroda, India India International Center - New Delhi, India
World Wildlife Fund - New Delhi, India

Foundations Studies - Drawing 1, 2 & 3, Life Drawing, 2-D, 3-D & 4-D Design, Color Theory
Painting - Mixed Media Painting, Multi level Painting, Painting Senior Seminar, Alternative Media Sculpture - Installation Art, Art and Intervention, Site - speci c explorations
Interdisciplinary - Professional Practices, Self-promotion, Thesis Writing, Conceptual Art
Graduate degree specific - Graduate Painting, Thesis Chair, Editor and Topic Advisor, Painting 1, 2, 3 & 4